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Instant Approval Credit Cards

  • Technology nowadays allows you to do almost anything online: pay bills, shop online, make transactions, and the list continues. But all these are not possible unless you own a credit card.

  • That piece of plastic has become a quintessential tool for our everyday life.

  • There are basically two ways one can apply for a credit card: one is the usual way by going to your local bank, and the other is by completing an application form online.

  • In the case of instant approval cards, there are a few steps to be taken: fill out the application form, send it and have a little patience until your answer arrives.
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p.a. variable
p.a. for 15 months, then 11.99% p.a. variable
25 days
None Pay-On-Time Bonus, 1% unlimited Cashback Bonus
Instant Approval Credit Cards
Of course, it may sound easy, though instant approval doesn’t always mean that you will receive the card instantly.

The first and perhaps the most important issue when applying for an instant approval card would be your credit history. The cleaner your credit record, the higher the probability of being accepted for such a card. Instant approval cards and instant credit are two terms which in many cases are subject for confusion.

We have cleared what instant approval is, but instant credit is not so popular anymore. Inthe case of credit, is the operation where based on your application file, personal data and all, you receive a card number usually valid for a short period of time, and you can make immediately transactions. In the case of instant approval credit cards, the good part is that you find out pretty soon whether you have been accepted or not, but still it takes a period of time( usually one week, until the card arrives in case of approval) until you are able to make purchases with the card.

Practically, in case you are an impatient person, you can opt for instant approval credit cards, at least you’ll find out rapidly whether you are eligible or not.

There is a wide range of cards you can choose from. Make your research, study them thoroughly, and then choose the one that is most suitable for your needs. You have to choose the best features just as you would do when going to the local bank for application, because there is almost no difference between the two methods, except the one we are discussing is less time consuming. An introductory 0% APR is a feature you would want to look after, even if for six months, but still a good feature a credit card offers. A rewards card is convenient to you especially if you are a spender type. You can collect those points that can be redeemed later either for gift cards, or even cash back.

In case you are a frequent traveler by plane, then you opt for an instant approval credit card that offers you many advantages in that field. Why not collect points for airline miles? Or, why not earn some valuable points just because you pay with your credit card for the tickets of each of your family members? It is not a huge saving, but still being rewarded just for this is a plus.

You can combine the useful with pleasure. There are cards which offer you the possibility of earning discounts at several theatre shows, cinemas, or concerts. When you spend your time shopping, you can earn points for making purchases with the card. One thing you generally need to take into consideration with credit cards in general, is the annual fee. Do not opt for a credit card whose annual fee is very high, and you don’t even use up all the offers the card has.

It can happen of course that you exhausted all possibilities of obtaining a card (because of your bad credit history), but you still would like to try out instant approval. There are cases, or certain companies that give their acceptance for people with bad credit history, but beware of the unusually high interest rates they will waive especially for you. Perhaps this is not the best option in your case, supposing you have some debt, so you don’t really need more of it. Not to speak of the fact, that if you browse online some offers, the majority will specify that excellent credit is needed, so you’ll only get disappointed and it’s not worth it.

The wide circle of instant approval credit card possibilities compels opportunities in the case of small business owners, or students as well. In the case of small businesses, you can choose to save on business related purchases, such as discounts at several companies. So, if you own a small business, benefiting of discounts at FedEx for example would be a plus for you. Moreover, if you are a traveler businessman these cards offer you the choice of redeeming the points you collect, for airline miles or if you mostly use your car, in exchange for gas. Students can also benefit from an instant approval credit card, it is true not with so many benefits and rewards, but still, if you manage your finances smartly you can save up some money.

There is quite a wide range of possibilities regarding instant approval credit cards. The important thing is not to rush in for any of the options, but take your time to get to know each of the deals in depth, so that there won’t be any surprises when the first monthly balance arrives. It is also important to read all the terms and conditions of the issuer company, especially because you are about to make an online application you are supposed to double check everything.