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Credit Card Security Issues
  • Since the first release of the plastic money source in the early 20s, the credit card has known various ways of usage, most of all financial of course.

  • Just to remind you, the credit card was thought to mediate sales between trader and the traderís customer.

  • In general terms this applies even today, with a small, disturbing presence: an unsolicited third person or crime group which operates to gain their financial welfare.

  • Unlike your fingerprints which amaze us with extraordinary unique features, your credit card data, even though believed as secure, can easily be used by unauthorized people to profit at your own expense
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Credit card security issues
You don’t even realize how easily criminals can force their way to your personal data; “shoulder surfing” or “dumpster diving” are just few examples.

What can be more terrible than the sudden awakening to the following reality: crucial personal information got stolen and you cannot access your funds. What you can expect in the following period is to be denied credit. To synthesize the idea, just think how many persons could have had access to your credit card info? Thieves most of all pay attention to personal information like, bank statements, reports and practically everything to which they can hold on to.

You cannot believe how time flies, there is almost no temporal space for the completion of each and every activity; beware: time shortage could easily turn into money shortage. So please take your time to shred important documents after utilization and don’t ever be ashamed to ask the clerk in case he spends more time with your credit card than usually. The same rule applies when speaking of the closest persons who you suspect the least. Remember the saying regarding your possessions? Never lend your lady or wagon to anybody…lets be serious and recast it: Never lend your lady, wagon or credit card to anybody.

These few lines do not intend to lock you into solitude, they are meant to emphasize that you simply can never be too precautious.

If in the first decades secrecy seemed to represent the way to avoid nightmarish situations when speaking of credit card fraud, presently it has become an existing yet poorly qualified means of preserving crucial financial data.

In the last few years the Internet has become a privilege to more or less privileged civilizations, from the greatest consumer Asia to the smallest Oceania. What are the odds of having applied for a credit card in Europe and being prejudiced fraudulently from another Continent? Huge. In most of the cases computer technology is used to obtain amounts of personal data, usable for various crimes like false applications for credit cards. If the thief is resourceful enough – assures himself that the fraudulent bills obtained from his activity may never reach the victim’s address - the victim will not become conscious of the inflicted damage till it’s already too late.

What can be more frustrating than having your precious credit card stolen due to your inattentiveness; for example when leaving your windows open in a very busy parking area. Credit card information accessed via Internet excels all.

One cannot emphasize enough to use common sense each time when you shop online. The elementary steps would be to use your own PC, on one indispensable condition: you have made everything in order to clean the PC, using updated antivirus and spyware tools beforehand. Otherwise you unwillingly participate in an online donation…object of charity: your wealth.

Concluding what bothered our minds up till now, one could easily say that Doomsday has long installed itself in the credit card business. Wrong again, SSL Technology based on encryption exists. It is widely used in online credit card applications and it consists of encrypted personal data between your PC and the bank, during the application. This sophisticated mathematical process guarantees personal information safety, by altering data according an undecipherable code, known only by the bank itself. So your personal information can never be stolen again.

Last but not least it is imperative to underline how credit cards influence our daily financial life. The outcome of each day of this life depends entirely on our own constant awareness.

Don’t hesitate to check your credit card statement monthly and if suspicion arises about the correct financial handling, contact your credit card issuer on the spot.

Remember, credit card security has a very relative meaning.